Pattern Matching Fabric: A Tutorial

Pattern Matching Fabric: A Tutorial

Pattern Matching Demystified

Pattern matching is a very fun and unique way to bring the most out of beautiful fabric designs.

And it's not as complicated as it may look!

Start with two (or more) fabrics of the same design in different colors.

Find the matching design in two fabrics and line them up.

Fold one of the fabrics back and line it up with the other fabric where you want them to intersect. You can press the top fabric (blue) with an iron to give you a nice crisp edge to work with.

Add a little bit of fabric glue to the edge of the fabric and place back down to make your perfect match.

Unfold your top fabric and stitch slightly away from the crease.


Trim away the excess fabric and there you have it! Perfectly matched kitty cats.

 I went ahead and added a third color way with the same steps.

I framed my new art piece in an embroidery hoop to hang on the wall.

Not so complicated after all, right?

If you want to give this a try, check out my pattern matching fat quarters bundles that feature 3 or more fabrics of the same design in different color ways HERE!

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