Fussy Cutting for Traditional Quilt Blocks

Fussy Cutting for Traditional Quilt Blocks

Turn up the volume of any quilt block with fussy cutting!

Start with squares! Squares are the easiest starting point to add some fussy cuts into your quilt blocks. Once you find the squares in the pattern you can start finding the perfect fabric to fussy cut.

Once you find the size square you want to fussy cut, grab your tools. You can use special fussy cut rulers or you can use a quilting ruler and a bit of washi tape to mark the size you need.

 Just remember to account for seam allowance!

You can also make your own template in any size (or shape) you need!

  1. Cut a piece of card stock to the size you need
  2. Draw a line ¼" away from all sides
  3. Cut out the center piece
  4. Find your fussy cut!

Use a fabric marker to trace and cut out your piece with sharp scissors. I don't recommend use a rotary cutter with this method.

You can add fussy cutting to most any quilt block! Check out these 9 common quilt blocks with a fussy cut (or 2) added.

 This is a great way to turn a regular quilt into a themed quilt and add extra fun. Try making a modern twist on an iSpy quilt and use traditional blocks with fussy cuts!

Check out my other fussy cutting tips HERE :) And have fun!

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