Weird Shaped Fabric Scraps and How To Use Them!

Weird Shaped Fabric Scraps and How To Use Them!

I have a fun way to use up all those fabric scraps you've been saving!

All you need is your scraps and a piece of lightweight fusible interfacing. I like to use Pellon 911FF. Take a piece of your interfacing and start placing your scraps on top.

Keep placing your scraps until all the interfacing is covered and your scraps overlap slightly.

Once you are happy with your layout, press your scraps in place with an iron. It's important to make sure none of the interfacing is showing as it will stick to your iron and make a mess.

Add some stabilizing stitches to hold everything secure! I like to use zig-zag stitches but you can just add some straight line stitches or use one of those fun embroidery stitches your machine may have :)


I turned my latest pieces into a colorful zipper pouch but you can use them for other bags, quilts or anything you'd like!

Use up those scraps and turn them into new bits of usable fabric! Have fun!

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Love this idea and how the scraps come together. Definitely trying this idea!


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